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Why should everyone visit the waters of Newfoundland?

Newfoundland is very rich in its natural beauty. There are many sightseeing places which everyone must visit when here in Newfoundland, people live more on the western side, but that's not all what you see when you come there to spend some days or holidays. As for me, I love to feel nature with all its elements!

The Atlantic region of Canada has plenty to encourage domestic tourism while making it an exciting travel destination for tourists from around the world. Newfoundland has a whole lot more to offer than icebergs and whales. The island offers incredible scenery, lush forests and quaint communities. Here we highlight five unusual things about Newfoundland: 

1)Relive history at Signal Hill

2)Explore Quirpon Island

3)Enjoy fresh seafood

4)Head out to Western Brook Pond

5)Embrace Celtic culture.

So, what is so unusual about Newfoundland?

Well, I don't know if there are many sites that may interest people who like to visit something totally different. And it is hard for me to choose some of them because there are hundreds of beautiful places in the world where everyone should travel at least once in a lifetime... Is it true? So, let's say that "Newfoundland has plenty of attractions" which you will love! 

1) Signal Hill National Historic Site of Canada

Signal Hill was an ancient place of international significance long before the arrival of Europeans in North America. We all know that Vikings were here around 1000 years ago but their presence on this spot was not the first or last international contact on Newfoundland soil. Every 10 seconds, a light flashes from this monument all around the world and is visible at a distance of more than 20 kilometres.

2) Quirpon Island

Quirpon Island is located in the northern part of Newfoundland, 30 km east of Cape Freels Rocky Harbour. Is an island with a long history, which has been inhabited for centuries by both Beothuk Indians and Innu people long before Europeans came here to stay permanently. It's also known for its lovely beaches where you can spend your summer holidays here happily!

3) Enjoy fresh seafood! 

Just buy it in any shop nearby your hotel in the Avalon Peninsula and cook it yourself! I guarantee that you will love it!

4) Western Brook Pond (Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland and Labrador).

This hike takes you up to the interior of a UNESCO World Heritage site. With its glacial valleys and towering cliffs it offers spectacular views of Gros Morne Mountain and Bonne Bay. A long shallow lake appears deep in the forest. It was made thousands of years ago by a huge glacier that carved out this valley and then retreated, leaving behind it a deep fjord called Western Brook Pond.

5) Celtic experience is always better than taking part in any other trips!

Newfoundland has many Celtic festivals that are held all over the island during summer time - I have never been there myself but people say that you should watch some films before going there. Celtic culture is a living heritage, and this island makes it very bright with all its colours!

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I hope that these 5 unusual things about Newfoundland helped you to better understand the island's nature, history and traditions! Newfoundland has a lot to offer for everyone who loves fairy tales or believes in magic! I am sure you will fall in love here... Have a nice trip :)

Article End. Thank you for your time.

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